Our Meeting Incentive Conference Events MICE Department may be everyone’s favorite service because it provides VIP treatment for company celebrations and special events, as well as conferences. Your company’s sales force set new records and now deserves a special reward. VIPs are visiting from abroad and you want to create a memorable journey.

Whatever the occasion, the reason, or the event, MICE is in control


We are aware of providing Meetings to be impressive, concerning our professional manner, we understand that every single meeting is important, either just for a small number of people, or especially a large number of people encountering we are here to complete your desires, expectation, or objectives. We are ready to ensure that your meetings will be arranged in an excellent environment and surrounded with all factors you require.
 We will surely be your supporter who facilitates you as you wish.


One of the methodologies to motivate your company and your employees is the Incentive travel which is a highly commendable prize for them. After working hard for so long to gain the reward, we would appreciate being a part of your team to operate a great Incentive tour. No matter large or small budget, we are cable of creating a superb program for you, concerning your special attractions. Let us formulate such a memorable program that will make all of you smile, every time you and your teammates are the reminiscence of.


We understand that opinion exchange and information distribution are important in business so that conference really matters to be a complete organized. Such conference will give visitors or audiences chances to know, learn, exchange, points of view with each other; that is to improve, modify, or adjust any plans as they wish. We will provide you the most suitable place for your conferences, regarding the number of people joining the conference, amplifier, projector, types of residences or hotels, and other concerned facilities. Furthermore, extra activities would be presented as you desire. We will carefully prepare everything neatly to ensure that every moment among the conference and activities will be running on smoothly.


Another situation, important event to express your potential, is exhibitions which have to be arranged with the uniqueness of your company or products. We will be one of your teammates who assist you prepare such impressive events that your audiences will realize your enthusiastic and energetic effort. We will operate your ideas, thoughts, and needs and create them. Which will surely improve the business relationships of your company or employees and your partners. We are the one who will take care of your expectation and pay attention to your entire requirement.
Nicolas Tours emphasizes making your life easier in every way so that you can concentrate on developing your business

M.I.C.E. it with Nicolas Tours

We know how to bring it best!

You may have got clients in Egypt, or visiting for business, well, it couldn’t get any easier. We can help you select the best venues for your meetings, setting it up and manage every single detail.
From recognition to loyalty programs, we got all the right business tools for your success.
When it gets bigger it requires experience. When thinking conference you request the highest service. Find it here at Nicolas Tours.
Egypt is an open market for innovations. A great space for exhibitors from all around the world. Bring your service, product, ideas and we will help it reach.